Spring is coming!!

Here at Riscatto Farms we are VERY excited for spring to come!!

The birth of New Zealand Red kits in the rabbitry is helping us get excited and keeping us hopeful for bright sun shiny days, and greener pastures!

Sprout our St. Croix x East Friesian ewe is due to lamb any day, so we are checking her often so we can help if she needs us!! 😉

Also, Marzipan, our Kinder doe is up at Pat Showalters farm getting bred to Zorro, so we should have the first Kinders born at Riscatto Farms the end of July!!!

Over the past few months we have been evaluating the efficiency of our daily farm operations and we have found areas where we can improve.   We will be working on a MAJOR farm transition which means moving the rabbitry into a new facility, the goats will have the current rabbit barn as the new goat barn, and the pigs and chickens will also be moved around…so things will continue to be exciting here!! 😉  We will post pictures so you can keep up to date on all the happenings!!

Have a blessed evening,



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Country Living Expo ~ Success!

We had a great time at the Country Living Expo & Cattleman’s Winterschool up in Stanwood this past weekend! Lots of great folks up there. We highly recommend if you didn’t make it this year look them up next year, or give us a shout and we’ll help you get signed up!

Thanks for a great time, see you next year! Dave & Becky @ Riscatto Farms

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~ Welcome to Riscatto Farms ~

     Here at Riscatto Farms, we hand craft hard lotion bars & lip balms. We take pride in each bar of lotion, or tube of lip balm that we make! Our hope is that you, your family, and your friends will benefit from using natural moisturizing products that are made locally!

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